Split Core Current Sensor Transformer SCT013

NPR 1,999.00 NPR 1,560.00

Model:   SCT-013-000

Rated input current:0-100A.

Output: 0-50mA or 0-1V.

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Opening size: 13m×13m

Non-linearity±3% (10%-120% rated input current)

1.5m leading wire, Φ3.5 three core plug standard output

Current output type or voltage output type ( voltage output type built-in sampling resistor )


  • Suitable for the current measuring
  • Monitoring and protection of AC motor
  • Lighting equipment
  • Air compressor and so on

Core material: the number of switching is not less than 1000 times ( test under 20)

Safety index: dielectric strength ( between shell and output )6000V AV/min

Working temperature: -25oC–+70oC

Fire resistance property: in accordance with UL94-VO


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