20A Hall Current Sensor ACS712-20A

NPR 480.00

Accurate sensor to measure AC/DC current up to 20A. The sensor can even measure high AC mains current and is still isolated from the measuring part due to integrated hall sensor. The board operates on 5V. ACS712 current sensor operates from 5V and outputs analog voltage proportional to current measured on the sensing terminals. You can simple use a microcontroller ADC to read the values.

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  • 100 mV/A output sensitivity

  • 5.0 V, single supply operation

  • Output voltage proportional to AC or DC currents

  • Factory-trimmed for accuracy

  • Extremely stable output offset voltage

  • Nearly zero magnetic hysteresis

  • Ratiometric output from supply voltage

  • Low-noise analog signal path

  • Device bandwidth is set via the new FILTER pin

  • 5 µs output rise time in response to step input current

  • 80 kHz bandwidth

  • Total output error 1.5% at TA = 25°C

  • Small footprint, low-profile SOIC8 package

  • 1.2 mΩ internal conductor resistance


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