UV Photo Sensitive Dry Film for PCB (30cmX1m)

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Dry film is a polyester film coated with a polymer which is sensitive to ultraviolet light (Photoresist). It adheres by heat to the PCB and allows you to print circuits using any photolithography method. Once photosensitized, it is developed using an alkaline solution.It is widely used at the professional level on the PCB industry.

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How to use it :

1. Clean your board. Cut dry film a little larger than your board.
2. Apply Resist: This Photoresist has 3 layers, the top and bottom layers are clear protective layer, so at the first, you need remove one protective layer, the easy way is to use two small pieces of scotch tape. Then apply the middle layer on board.
3. Expose: Place your negative artwork over the rest protective layer.
4. Develop: Remember that you need a NEGATIVE film developer, Remove the rest protective layer on the film. After 3 minutes take board out of the developer and hold under running water to check, you can always place it back in the developer if needs more time.
The dry film is resistant to most of the acid etching solution, the PH value can be resistant to most alkaline etching solution between PH8.0 ~8.5.
Cover hole
1.5 mil dry film can fully cover a 0.25 inches thickness hole.
The dry film is available in most common use of the plating bath, no wrinkles, no color.
Package includes
1 roll photosensitive dry film


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