ULN 2003A

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The ULN2003A is an array of seven NPN Darlington transistors capable of 500 mA, 50 V output. It features common-cathode flyback diodes for switching inductive loads. It can come in PDIPSOICSOP or TSSOP packaging.[1][2] In the same family are ULN2002A, ULN2004A, as well as ULQ2003A and ULQ2004A, designed for different logic input levels.

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The ULN2003 is known for its high-current, high-voltage capacity. The drivers can be paralleled for even higher current output. Even further, stacking one chip on top of another, both electrically and physically, has been done. Generally it can also be used for interfacing with a stepper motor, where the motor requires high ratings which cannot be provided by other interfacing devices.

Micrograph of chip die.

Main specifications:

  • 500 mA rated collector current (single output)
  • 50 V output (there is a version that supports 100 V output)
  • Includes output flyback diodes
  • Inputs compatible with TTL and 5-V CMOS logic


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