Proximity Sensor

NPR 580.00

The Proximity Switch is an Inductive Proximity Sensor Detection Switch with PNP normally open transistor switch, also known as Inductive sensor or metal sensor. It operates within a power supply voltage range of DC 6V to 36V. This Switch Module contains high frequency oscillations, a detection circuit, an amplifier circuit, a circuit solution, and an output circuit. It can be widely used in various applications like: – Automatic control industry for detection, controlling and non-contact switching, Paper making, Light industry for limiting station, Orientation taking count and many more.

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  • Operating Voltage (VDC): 6 ~ 36.
  • Detection Distance (mm): 4.
  • Outer Thread Size: M12.
  • Object Type: Inductive.
  • Output Type: NPN Normally Open Three-line.
  • Installation Type: Non-Flush (Unshielded).
  • Max Output Current: 200 mA.
  • Setting Distance (mm): 0 ~ 2.4.


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