MOC3023 DIP6 DIP photocoupler

NPR 40.00

The MOC3023-M is a through hole random phase triac driver output optocoupler in 6 pin DIP package. This device contains a GaAs infrared emitting diode and a light activated silicon bilateral switch which functions like a triac.

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  • 6 Pin DIP photocoupler, Triac driver output
  • High input-output isolation voltage
    Viso = 5,000Vrms
  • High repetitive peak off-state voltage
    VDRM: Min. 400 V.
  • High critical rate of rise of off-state voltage
    dV/dt: Min.1000V / µs


 Motor Controls.

 Solid state relays

 For triggering high power thyristor and triac

 Household use equipment



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