LED Name Badge

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A name badge tells others that you’re a professional.At a conference, mixer or other event with a large group of people, a name badge is much more professional then a sticky, and is much easier for others to read. And remember, wearing your logo is a form of branding.

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1. The brightness is adjustable, high brightness.
2. It can play many programs, can change program by button.
3. Easy to use, just connect USB cable to update program, no need to configure.
4. Super thin, good design style, more good looking.

【LED name tag Usage Scenarios】🎈 Shopping malls, supermarkets, bars, jewelry counters, sales staff and other staff wear, also suitable for hotel welcomes, companies, exhibitions, nightclubs, cinemas, hotels and other public places. LED Name Badge can help you to attract a wide range of attention in a variety of public places.


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