i2c LCD 1602/2004 Adapter Plate

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4 line screen 1602 Arduino 1602 I2C interface
The Arduino IIC LCD1602 / I2C interface adapter plate without LCD screen
1602 screen needs seven IO mouth to drive up.

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Product parameters:
1. Size: 41.5 mm (length) * 19 mm (width) * 15.3 mm (high)
2. Weight: 5 g
3. PCB color: Blue/Black
4. The power supply voltage: 2.5 to 6 v
5. Support the I2C protocol
6. Contrast can be adjusted, rotate blue potentiometer, clockwise, counterclockwise. Potentiometer design on the front, convenient customer adjust freely anytime and anywhere
7. The module can cascade, can cascade up to eight. Through the short circuit A0 / A1 / A2 modify device address. The default address 0 x27


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