GX-16 3 pin

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It is a GX-16 3-Pin Metal Aviation Plug Male and Female Panel Connector. The connector is mostly used to transmit signals or power. This type of connector is used in places where a watertight connection is required, and also in harsh environments.

The connector is ideal for panel mounting and has got separate male and female pins. The cable can be soldered directly on them

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Specification :

Rated Current & voltage : 4A – 125 V
Operating limit voltage (AC Vrms) : 200 V
Rated Temperature : -60 ~ 200 ℃
Insulation Resistance (At DC 500V) : 1000 MΩ
Contact Resistance (At DC 1A) : 3 MΩ
Solder inter Diameter :2.5 mm
Thread Dia :16mm


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