Force Sensitive Resistor Sensor (FSR402)

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  • Product Model: FSR402:
  • Size: thick (12.5 mm) in diameter, 1/2 “for the active field

FSR is Force Sensitive Resistor, allowing you to detect the physical pressure, extrusion, and weight.They are simple using, low cost.

FSR is delimited by two layer, as the pressure increases, the activity of these elements point will touch the semiconductor, making resistance smaller

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Resistance range: infinite/open (not pressure), 100 k Ω (light), 200 Ω (maximum pressure)
Load range: 0 to 20 pounds (0 to 100 Newton), evenly smear on the surface area of 0.125 square meters
Power supply: the use of less than 1mA current (depending on the ra/pull down resistor and the power supply voltage)


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