Arduino Sensor Shield

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Arduino Sensor Shield is a board used to connect sensors, servos, LCD with the Arduino Board without the requirement of soldering. Using Arduino Board separately you’ll find a few of 5V and GND connections. Arduino Sensor Shield gives you the ability of dedicated one 5V and GND connection for every Arduino signal pin.

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• Digial IO Ports D0-D13
• Analog IO Ports A0-A5
• Supports I2C interface
• Supports bluetooth module communication interface
• Supports SD card module communication interface
• Supports APC220 wireless RF modules communication interface
• Supports RB URF V1.1 ultrasonic sensors interface
• Supports 12864 LCD serial and parallel interface
• Supports 32-channel servo controller interfaces
• Reset button
• Power LED indicator
• Bolt holes for easy installation


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