Arduino Mega Starter Kit

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The Arduino MEGA 2560 is designed for projects that require more I/O lines, more sketch memory and more RAM. With 54 digital I/O pins, 16 analog inputs and a larger space for your sketch it is the recommended board for 3D printers and robotics projects.

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Arduino Mega kit

Kit includes:

Arduino Mega 2560 with Usb cable 1
BreadBoard(830pts) 1
Female to Female jumper connector 10cm 15
male to male jumper connector 20cm 20
Male to Female Connector 20cm 20
PhotoTrasnsistors 2
Potentiometer 10 Kohm 3
Tactile Pushbuttons 5
DHT 11 1
tilt sensor 1
LCD module 1
Extra Bright Green Led 2
Clear RGB LED 1
Green LED 3mm 7
Red LED 3mm 7
Yellow LED 5mm 7
Extra Bright Blue LED 5mm 3
UV led 3
White led 5mm 4
Pizeo Capsule HCD-12095 1
H-Bridge Motor Driver L293D 1
Octocoupler 4n35 1
Mosfet IRF 520 2
Capacitors Mix 3
Diodes 1n4007 5
Breakable Female Header pin 1
Breakable Male Header Pin 1
Resistor Box 1
Ultrasonic sensor HC-SRO4 1
Servo Motor 9G 1
25 rpm Geared Motor(Dc Motor) 1


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