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Generative AI what is it and how can it benefit your business?

Generative AI, like Adobe’s Photoshop AI, is a revolutionary game-changer in this industry, reshaping content creation and unlocking new creative potentials. Let’s explore the impact of this groundbreaking technology, its applications in film and television production, graphic design, and advertising, and the ethical considerations that accompany its integration. Then there are emerging niche services that seem to do most of the legwork for non-professional designers who want more polished-looking output than they might ordinarily be able to pull off. These interesting new services include the presentation deck designer Decktopus, a bunch of graphics and writing tools in Simplified, and the upcoming free-form, no-code web design assistant Studio AI. The tool, called Firefly, allows users to add or delete elements from images with just a text prompt, according to Adobe.

ai generative fill

I asked for a few plants and had the AI place them strategically around the extended area. Thanks to the Generative Fill AI, blending these elements into the existing scene was a breeze, I was blown away by how it looked at the light source and could place the shadows in the right places. genrative ai The result was impressive, and it looked like the plants had been a part of the original photo from the start. Removing objects is one thing, but what about replacing them with something entirely different? With Generative Fill, you can create things that were never in the original image.

Where generative AI is adding real business value

Generative art is art created by AI that’s been trained with an extensive knowledge base of art. In practice as a designer or artist, having AI is like having a second brain, an intern, or a copilot to bounce ideas around or organize information. A standalone web-based Firefly Beta app is now available for testing features such as Text to Image, Text Effects, and Generative Fill.

As showcased by Le Monde, the most ambitious of features like text to image, are still needing to be worked through. If you’ve been on social media in the past week, it has been virtually impossible to miss at least one example of this being used. Now, if you’re a brand or business with a sustainable mission seeking to strengthen your digital marketing strategy, don’t be shy to reach out to us at Akepa. You can even recolour your image directly in Illustrator with the recently introduced AI-driven Generative Recolor (Beta) feature.

Turn to film: Stepping back into the world of film photography

They are real clients of mine so I disguised their identities simply by drawing a very rough lasso selection around each head and typing ‘disguise’ in the prompt box. If you want to add something specific, that’s what you put in the prompt box. While AI can handle images from nature well, architecture is evidently more of a challenge.

ai generative fill

And then we’ve got generative AI platforms that harness the full might of AI to create, edit, and optimise content, given a human mind knows how to make the most of them. You make a rough selection, you click ‘generate’, you enter a prompt if you want to add something specific, or you leave it blank if you want photoshop to work it out for itself, and you click generate again. One thing about Adobe’s Firefly platform is that it uses artwork that comes from the company’s own Adobe Stock images, along with openly licensed and public domain content. This allows features like Generative Fill to use content without having to deal with copyright restrictions.

II. One technology, one application: Generative AI increases the dimensions of information

Founder of the DevEducation project

It enables the generation of content and images that may not have been conceived by humans, broadening creative possibilities in the media and entertainment industry. The enhanced AI capabilities in Photoshop Beta make it easier than ever to manipulate layers and masks. This makes it incredibly convenient for photographers and digital artists who want to fine-tune their creations with precision. This feature now has advanced AI algorithms that better understand the context and surrounding elements in an image when filling in gaps or removing unwanted objects. The result is much smoother and seamless edits, allowing for greater creativity and flexibility in post-processing.

  • An AI pic of ‘Hide the pain Harold’ also came under similar criticism, with many users shocked how the software had imagined the lower half of his, um, anatomy.
  • This is partly due to the training set used, but Adobe has also implemented additional safeguards.
  • It’s a tool to ease the process, but some manual intervention might still be required.
  • While AI Fill is powerful, there are instances where recreating intricate patterns or details might not be 100% accurate.

But it’s great to know how good the tool is if I ever need it, that’s for sure. It already it feels like the only people who call stuff “AI” are the same people who still say the genrative ai “WWW” when giving you the website address to something. Now it’s just much more accessible to those of us who’ve never bothered to learn how to properly retouch in Photoshop.

Hands On: Adobe Firefly in Photoshop

Users can expect improved efficiency and greater creative possibilities with these advanced artificial intelligence capabilities at their fingertips. Earlier this year, Adobe announced Firefly, a set of generative AI tools and features for its many Creative Cloud apps. Is being added to the beta version of its popular Photoshop image editing app. Adobe has launched a new artificial intelligence tool that uses generative AI to “magically” add or remove objects to or from photos with a simple text prompt. My view is that the vastly wide carrier pipes will not be filled solely by traffic that addresses human sensory needs, but also by traffic that is triggered and generated by AI. MIT Technology Review lists ‘AI that makes images’ in the ’10 Breakthrough Technologies 2023′.

AI Photo Editor Review: Hands-On With Adobe Photoshop … – Popular Mechanics

AI Photo Editor Review: Hands-On With Adobe Photoshop ….

Posted: Mon, 14 Aug 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

We’ve always had, at our fingertips, the ability to do what this generative AI can do, if we had the willpower to learn how to do it. This article originally appeared on Macwelt and was translated and edited by David Price. At a second glance, you notice minor inconsistencies, such as the door handles and the house’s windows in the background. To fill in the rest of an image, you’ll want to leave the search field blank to let Adobe’s AI scan the image and fill in the blank area. We’ve been using the Photoshop beta for several weeks now, and continue to be surprised by it on an almost daily basis. “The advent of generative models presents a new opportunity to take our imaging capabilities to another level,” the post stated.

The two photos below show the application of the Lightroom adaptive module. First up is the original image taken in the local Bouddi National Park one stormy afternoon. As a photography enthusiast for decades, I have never been shy of innovation. Having used or tried most photographic innovations over the decades, I could not resist the opportunity to dabble with the new AI tools. But marketers need to embrace the messiness that comes with this new way of working.

Doctors and other health professionals can use generative AI to generate and summarize medical reports based on patient data. It can summarize patient histories and even suggest diagnoses or treatments based on symptoms and patient presentations. Image-based generative AI can create simulated medical imagery such as X-rays, and CT scans to assist with the training of medical image recognition systems. For example, I tried to use a 10-second video clip as an input to locally generate a 3D model on a handheld tablet. This task consumed 30%–35% of the device’s battery (or around 2,000 mA), and the entire modeling and rendering process took over 30 minutes. When I chose online rendering, the raw data upload took 2 to 3 seconds (9 MB of video for training), and the modeling and rendering took 10 seconds.

Photoshop vs Midjourney generative fill and inpainting vary region … – Geeky Gadgets

Photoshop vs Midjourney generative fill and inpainting vary region ….

Posted: Thu, 31 Aug 2023 10:16:16 GMT [source]

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