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Micro Servo 9g + Connectors

Micro Servo 9g + Connectors

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Servos are used to provide actuation for various mechanical systems such as the steering of a car, the control surfaces on a plane, or the rudder of a boat. Due to their affordability, reliability, and simplicity of control by microprocessors, they are often used in small-scale robotics applications.

Size: 21.5 mmX11.8 mmX22.7 mm
9 grams of weight
No-load speed: 0.12 seconds / 60 degrees (4.8 V)
Locked-rotor torque: 1.2-1.4 kg/cm (4.8 V)
Use the temperature: - 30 ~ ~ + 60 degrees Celsius
Dead zone setting: seven microseconds
Operating voltage: 4.8 V to 6 V
Contains: steering gear, rocker arm, screws, etc. All original accessories