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IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module

IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module

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  •    IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module can be widely used in robot obstacle avoidance, obstacle avoidance car, line count, and black and white line tracking and so on
  •          the module detects the distance 2 ~ 30cm, detection angle 35 °, the distance can detect potential is adjusted.
  •          Can be used for 3-5V DC power supply modules. 
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  • The output port OUT sensor module can be directly connected to the microcontroller IO port, you can directly drive a 5V relay
  •          it has a pair of infrared transmitting and receiving tube, tube infrared emits a certain frequency, when detecting direction meet with obstacles (reflecting surface), reflected infrared receiving tube, after the comparator circuit processing, green indicator will light up, at the same time signal output interface to output digital signal (a low level signal).